We prefer not to have any business referance on this page but we are not able to remove our name on the top of page.  Our software will not allow.  We apoligize for this. I have weighed the options of posting or not posting on our website and have decided that I want as many people as possible to know of and remember a great man. A man inwhich the word "hero" was created for.  An Officer who has achieved the status as if he was a rock n roll star. The fact that he  became our cities most widely loved Officer with the utmost respect for him is apparent by the incredible response that he received from our community, people he arrested and just plain old every day citizens.   The full scope of this can be seen on his website www.JimmyKerstetter.org.


On March 15th 2010 in the 10pm hour an event took place that would change the lives of thousands of people in our city.  It would bring  the citizens in our community out by the thousands.  Even the criminals and lawbreakers came out of seclusion to pay their respects to a man they have known and been arrested by, as Officer Kerstetter.  That night and the days that followed would be the worst days our city will ever know.
It was the night that my friend and former classmate from the neighborhood  would be killed while on duty.  Jimmy responded to a call from a woman, where a man was kicking in her windows and door to get at her and her child.  The man returned to his home as Jimmy arrived. Jimmy  talked to the woman to see what had happened.  He then went next door to talk to the man, and that is when Jimmy was ambushed while attempting to talk to the man in his home next door.  A terrible gun fight ensued and Jimmy was taken from us.

Jimmy was more than just a cop he didn't just arrest people.  He would talk to people and try and get to the root of their problems. He would offer them help in trying to get their lives back together.  He was a real family man with a wife and 3 daughters. His Family has held their heads high and carried themselves with honor and dignity which are the same strengths that my friend Jimmy had.  They are so strong to come out of this and still have a positive outlook on life.  They are moving forward with their lives.  There is a hole in all our hearts that will remain forever but with that hole comes the pride of knowing that our friend grew up to be the best Police Officer, Father and Friend our city would ever know.Though life goes on there isn't a day that goes by we don't remember him.  Wherever you  went in our city, you would find him there.  He would be putting in overtime at the local grocery store, department stores, festivals we held where he was diligently keeping watch over all who were within his sights. He would make sure our women  and children made it to their cars safely even helping them carry their groceries out to their cars.  You could find Jimmy on the side of the road helping someone change their tire.  All the little things that make a person a great man.

We will never forget him.

It's been 5 years now since Jimmy was taken from us so unfairly and we still miss him dearly.

Apreciate what you have because it could go away in an instant.

Thanks for visiting Jimmy's page if you have a few moments please visit his website to see about his scholarship programs, the Kerstetter Car Show, the K5K walk/ run or the(Kerstetter 5K walk/run) + other benefits and dedications in his honor.

Visit, JimmyKerstetter.org to go to Jimmy's website.

Thank You, Do something good for someone today, you'll be amazed how good it feels.