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12v10 Power Supply for Musical Fidelity V-series, V-PsU Alternative



Glove Box made for this buggy.  John did a great job on this ride. Looks real nice.


Real nice LED Diplay, Made by Timothy Gilmore. He did a great job.

Hi Everyone.  If you go to the link listed above you will be taken to a forum inwhich all the specs
are laid out.   For purchasing one of these units, go to his link and check out his writeup.
This Guy Really knows his code.
Email him with your requests.

Sign Made By Timothy Gilmore
He did a great job on this. Check out the link it takes you to a page with all the info on making it

Case Made by Custom Aluminum Boxes
This Case was made by Mark M Circuitry assembled by Timothy Gilmore


Tube Amp Box
This is a box I came up with for You guys with tube amps projects.

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Jeremy knows his electronics and does a great job assembling and organinzing his projects.  They look great.  He has some good reading material and other examples of what he does on his website.

Check it out,  he may have something your looking for and possibly some information that may help you.

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Mark M

Made by Jeremy
Real nice Job Get one for yourself

Jeremy <jafix> Check out his site. He may have something your interested in.

A description by Jeremy,

Here is a very nice single ended stereo amp that is perfect for your office, den or bedroom.  Very nice single-ended mojo.  Vintage US glass, CBS broadcast interstage/input transformers and Telefunken output transformers make for an absolutely unique sound.

The input transformers kick line level input voltages up by about 10X to a voltage sufficient to swing the grids on the 6SN7GTs, which in turn have both triode sections paralleled with a Telefunken Output transformer.  The power transformer is a vintage Stancor unit that with solid state rectification and CRC filtration puts out a B+ on the order of 400 volts.  To minimize noise, all AC line voltage components are isolated to the rear quadrant of the chassis.  As you can see from the inside photos, this is about as simple and as uncomplicated of an amp as you are ever going to see. Cathode bias means you never have to fiddle with matching tubes or adjusting bias - everything is plug and play.  Internal passive components are all new (JJ Tesla filter capacitors), I even found a NOS Western Electric bypass capacitor for the cathodes. 

The chassis is .063 gauge aluminum hand folded by fellow ebayer Markm330.  If you build amps, you should check this guy out - fantastic build quality and bargain basement prices.  As long as this guy is around, I'll never buy another Hammond or BUD case again, ever! 

Footprint measures approx. 8" wide X 9" deep.  The exterior finish is Aircraft Blue Epoxy paint.  There is also a bottom closeout plate and non-marring rubber feet.

So far this amp has performed flawlessly for over 80 hours of burn-in, and is seriously over-built.  You should have no problems passing it on to your kids or grandkids.  Just about any line level input is sufficient for full output power - My Ipod headphone out, my Ipod Dock, My computer sound card and my old playstation/CD player had no problems running it to its full rated power.  Simple inside and out – Front mounted RCA inputs, Side mounted Speaker binding posts w/ hard tie points. Rear mounted IEC power plug and power switch.

Made by Jeremy

Made by Jeremy

Made by Jeremy

Made by Jeremy

Buying your first tube amp? A seasoned pro? Please feel free to surf on over to my ever popular and newly updated (as of 2/18) buyer's guide here:

This is the finished unit from the box on the left
What a superb job he did making this Power Supply. Nice real Nice

This Box Was Just Recently Made for a client
This is a Lab / Power Supply Box Style


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