Elyria, Ohio Animal Adoptions

Please do what you can to help these animals get the good home they deserve.
I think I'm keeping Jack pictured below. I really like him he is so cool. 

If you would like to adopt a pet please email and let me know.  I will get some photo's of available animals from our shelter and post them on this site. 
Thanks for coming to this page.

Mark M

Hello my owner abandoned me and left me behind
I found a new home.

I don't take up much space and , I love to be pet
I like small kids and will let them pet me hold me and carry me around with them.

I am very lucky Mark found me I get some food.
He is taking care of me petting me and feeding me. He gave me some medicine and some flea protection

All I want is an owner that will love me.
I want to have a nice coat of fur and someone who will take care of me this time.

Jack was in bad shape when he found me as you can see in the pictures. I cut the big carpet he had on him for fur and he is looking great.  He is one big eater.  He actully crawls inside the bag of food to eat after he has had 5-6 good meals.  He has gained his weight back and filled in real nice.  He has the nicest coat you could want on a cat.  Jack is a real character.  He will sleep anywhere. I'll get some photo's of him cashed out.  He is also one heck of a hunter.  He climbs the trees to get to the birds.  And when it comes to danger.  He turns and runs and doesn't look back.  I'll get some video of him in the near future.

 If you  want a cat give me an email.  There are a few strays around that would like a new home.

Look at Jack's fur in the pictures below compared to the pictues of him above.  He really looks nice after 4 months of continuous eating and flea treatments and his fur is very soft and smooth now.  He has really filled out nice.  I think he may need to go on a diet now.  He is very happy.

Thanks for coming to this page.

Mark M.

Jack is taking over my cat Riki's box.
He likes to sleep on garbage and plastic bags. I think they kept him warm in the winter.
This is Rikidew, She's 15 + years old
She doesn't like Jack on the left. He is always in her way.


Jack is taking over Riki's Box
She is not happy about Jackson

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