Hi Mark,

I got 2 boxes and installed them. See attached photo.
Everything is perfect!

My testimonial for Custom Aluminum Boxes
(include photos if you want)

I recently used Custom Aluminum Boxes for two different designs and I was very pleased with the results. Custom Aluminum Boxes was there to help when nobody else wanted to even talk to "little guys like me". One design was a large electrical cabinet and the other design was a decorative light controller. There were slanted edges and precise cutouts that had to match PCB buttons, and little standoffs and size 2 screws that had to be in just the right places for anything to work. When I assembled the boxes I got from Custom Aluminum Boxes, everything worked perfectly!

Starting out, I thought I would use a general online machinist service using their CAD software. But the general machinists could not guarantee precision on bends (despite claimed bend modeling) and were also expensive and lacking service. But then I found that Custom Aluminum Boxes could handle boxes of any size and complexity, while delivering amazing value. Not only did Mark make sure that everything aligned properly, but I didn't have to modify my CAD drawings because the original information was sufficient. Mark's specialized knowledge just makes things so much easier for us electronics enthusiasts. Thank you!

Karl Papadantonakis, PhD
Burke, Virginia



Thank You, to the Kirtland Police for thanking me for making them a box for their patrol car.

Thanks Guys for watching our backs, be safe.

Mark & Ben
Custom Alumium Boxes LLC



Just want to let you know the boxes have arrived & I'm very happy with them. Like to thankyou for building just what I wanted, they should work out fine.
Take care & thanks again.


Hello Mark , just wanted to let you know that I received the 2 chassis today. They are fantastic and perfect! Thank you  so much for all your effort and also the bonus thickness. I will be sure to return for my next projects. Have a great week and again, thank you! Walter B.

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