Here you see a picture of an F/A-18 Hornet Single seater.  It is flown by my Brother.  I can't explain to you what it feels like to see your brother fly in to the airport with his awesome  ride. It is an incredible site.  It just about brings tears to your eyes. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become what you see here.  All of the guys/girls  in our military have spent countless hours to ensure that you our American citizens are protected by the best trained and equipped military forces in the world.   Nobody likes war and it should be avoided at all costs.  But when the tyrants come a knocking our Men and Women will be there to keep them in check.  It is a shame that you need to have a machine like this to convince another man that you don't want them doing what they are doing.  But thank God we have them. 
And remember don't thank God for your freedom. 
Thank the Men and Women in our military who have put it all on the line for you to have and keep your freedom. 
All possible because of
Our Great American Soldiers

Proud to be an American and what we stand for. Our Soldiers with help from our Allies, have brought freedom back and/or held it for most nations as well as relief in disasters.  And of course we are not gods so everything we have done has not always work out perfectly.  But we have always done our best to help others. 

Commander Francis Top Gun US Navy
FA/18 Hornet United States Navy Practice Range

This photo is not just any photo.  This flight you see here logged the  6,000,000 flight hour of the FA/18 Hornets usage.   I have one that was made into a 20x 30 photo.  The quality is excellent.  It looks great. 

You can save this image.  I left the quality high so it can be downloaded.

If you have a photo and a story about someone you know in the military and would like to tell people about it.  Feel free to email me with it.  I will post it with the pride and respect it deserves.   Please include a photo and a small article about it.  It will be posted for you.  If you ever want it removed just email and let me know.  
Thanks for looking

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