When buying a box from Custom Aluminum Boxes, We reserve the right to change prices at anytime along the ordering process.  Prices are subject to changes at anytime. I don't use this disclaimer to raise your price on you in the middle of a transaction. There has been a few situations where this was necessary because of shipping costs and or packing materials.  I have to have the option.  If your order has been placed and it is found to have an inaccurate price or condition which will cause Custom Aluminum Boxes to not have a profit, the order will be canceled immediately unless a new price is agreed upon by Custom Aluminum Boxes and the client.  Your order can be cancelled and money refunded without notice at any time during the quoting, building, or shipping process.  

By purchasing a box or asking for a quote you agree to all the terms listed Above and Below. 

You the customer by not finding this page cannot hold Custom Aluminum Boxes liable for the following, any time lost in production by not having your box,  delayed orders, Wrong size boxes or improperly drilled holes.  The Jobs will be redone in a timely manner and sent out in a timely manner. Problems and situations do occur.  This doesn't normally happen but I have to have this to protect myself.  I have quoted shipping and the prices changed from the time job was quoted until it shipped. When the shipping information has been re-entered on the shippers website sometimes it changes.    It is an adjusted price for size and volume.
I have lost my rear end on some shipping issues.  Example.  The box made is very light and the shipping is  raised because of the size of the box.  I cannot pay for the markup by the shipping companies.   This scenario has happened to me.  I cannot be responsible for shipping increases,   It has to be passed to the customer. 

Thank you for your time and for looking at our website.
Mark M.
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